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Kind of Like A Road Trip
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Out of Reach is kind of like an extended road trip. As a reader I probably wouldn't have read it if I had known that. The main character Rachel, is searching for her brother who has run away after developing an addiction to meth. Rachel is desperate to find her brother, since they used to be so close and now she feels as if him returning will be the only way to bring her family back together again.

The book goes back and forth between the past and present which slows the reading down a little bit. But otherwise, the book moves along at a steady pace.

Rachel asks Tyler to go with her to find Micah. Tyler was probably my favorite character. I would make assumptions about him, and then find out I was completely wrong. He was a very dynamic character with an amazing personality, and a puppy dog crush.

The only major fault I see in this book was that it wasn't longer. But, in a way, Out of Reach needed to end where it did. I wanted to know more about Rachel and Tyler, but writing anything after the last page just didn't seem right. Maybe a sequel?
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