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I'm a Robin Hood junkie and Scarlet definitely quenched my thirst for a good, intense Robin Hood novel. I didn't let go of the book until I was completely done. There was just so much excitement! Curiosity was eating me up.
The characters were incredibly awesome. Scar turned out to be someone you don't want to mess with. She ranks on my top ten best kick-butt characters ever. Sometimes she could be infuriating, completely stubborn, and irritating with all her secrets, but she made up for it in the end. I also enjoyed Scar's voice in the novel. She has this manner of speaking somewhat different from the norm, it's unique and very memorable. She fit the tough-girl spot perfectly.
Robin Hood was absolutely swoon worthy. He's fearless, but flawed in so many ways. Scar and him are perfect together. She acts tough, he acts tough, but inside they're both scarred and afraid. I understood why he got angry at Scar so much, her secrets could be overwhelming at times, but he seriously needed to work on his romantic approach. His timing was off by just a little bit.
Little John and the rest where interesting. I liked the new take on the legend, Gaughen gave it a nice tweak with the love triangle going on. And Little John's character was the perfect rival to Robin Hood's. While Robin Hood was responsible, confident, and distant, Little John was reckless, funny, and a womanizer.
I'll admit that I was a bit disappointed when the book finished. The ending was so abrupt and there probably won't be a sequel (At least not that I know of). Lots of things were left unattended to and some of my questions weren't entirely answered.
The plot was somewhat predictable and yet the ending surprised me. The pace is consistent throughout the book and then quickens near the end. I had no problems with anything in particular. The characters were well-developed and the plot was fascinating.
Overall, Scarlet was an enjoyable, fast-paced read. I highly recommend it to any other Robin Hood junkie out there. This is definitely one novel I will remember and want to reread.
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