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(Updated: January 04, 2013)
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I love time travel novels if they work. If the whole premise behind the time traveling aspect of the story seems too far fetched or there are no consequences, then I put the book aside.

TEMPEST though does work in many ways. First, the idea that there might be more behind the ability to time travel. There's a very plausible mystery in this story that kept me turning the pages to see if Jackson would unlock the reason behind his 'gift'. The romance between Jackson and Holly was intriguing. It would have been so easy to just have them fall for each other at the different time lines but even Jackson had to work at getting Holly to trust/love him all over again. I also really loved his side-kick, Adam, who is part computer nerd/genius. His take on Jackson's ability shows how science might have a part of the jumping back and forth from time.

One thing that I did have problems with, and this is only a minor point, is how nineteen year old Jackson goes back and is around the seventeen-year-old Holly. That's where it was a hard one to call for me on whether this book is more New Adult than YA. I think if it stayed in the timeline than maybe it wouldn't be YA per say. Otherwise, the author handles Jackson with the seventeen-year-old Holly in such a way that's he doesn't come across as taking advantage of the situation. Also all the jumping back and forth in time lost me toward the end of the novel. The journal entries do help especially when a couple of major revelations come out that took me off guard.

Fast-paced time-travel story with a new romantic couple. How far would you go to protect the one you loved from being harmed? That's one of Jackson's strengths. Throughout this story he struggles with what happens to those around him everytime he jumps. Sure at the beginning he mentions that there are no consequences but that later changes. This is one thrilling ride!

A must read for those who loved TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE.
Good Points
1. Intriguing premise of time traveling
2. Great romantic interest
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