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I'm loving this new series by Darren Shan. For teens who grew up with Cirque Du Freak, it is the perfect next step. The focus is on zombies rather than vampires, and it has just the right amount of blood, gore, and brain matter to satisfy the truest zombie fans.

ZOM-B:UNDERGROUND is book #2 in the series with book #3 due out in the U.S. in April. B continues as the main character in book #2, but now she finds herself one of a select group of zombies called revitalized zom heads. As a zom head she has regained some of her human characteristics and is "alive" in a different way than she once was.

B is being gradually assimilated into a group of zom heads. They are being studied by medical professionals, and they are frequently sent to interact with the regular zombies to see what happens. Readers are given a few peeks into the horrific violence that results from these meetings.

A continued underlying theme is that of racism. B was raised by a racist father and managed to avoid his wrath by playing along with his twisted ideas. She is now reliving some of those times and realizing the error of her ways. She is trying to make amends by changing her behavior, but changing negative behavior is totally contrary to her new life as a zom head.

The new ZOM-B series is not for the faint of heart, but for those looking for raw adventure and a slightly different approach to zombies, it is definitely worth a try.
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