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Foster's father died in an accident in the woods behind the farm, and now Foster's mother thinks it is time to sell the place and move the two of them back to Montgomery. Foster misses his dad, but he agrees it might be time for a change.

Another reason Foster wouldn't mind leaving the farm is his mother's new friend, Dax. Dax says he works for the power company, and he has started hanging around pretty regular. Foster doesn't trust the guy and neither does Foster's dog Joe. Fortunately, she keeps Foster busy with chores as she tries to fix up the property to sell.

One afternoon as Foster is painting the fence, he notices a stranger and a dog walking along the road. The stranger introduces himself as Gary and asks if he could use their hose to refill his water container. When it begins to rain, Foster begs his mother to let the man stay in their barn until the weather clears.

Foster is fascinated by Gary and his curious questions reveal that the man was in the military and is traveling to Texas. With Foster's help, Gary fixes the leaky barn roof and proves that he might be helpful around the place. As the days go by, Foster becomes attached to the wanderer.

When Dax stops by for a visit, he challenges Gary's right to be there. His temper flairs and a threatening side of Dax shows itself, frightening both Foster and his mother. Gary sends the bully on his way and promises to stand up to him should he return.

FOURMILE by Watt Key is sure to be a hit with reluctant readers. Readers will quickly connect with Foster and relate to his mixed feelings about leaving the place that holds final memories of his father. The mysterious Gary may have a dangerous secret, but he will win over fans as he protects Foster and his mom from the mean and nasty Dax. Key's previous fans will want to get their hands on this one, and he is sure to gain new fans that can be directed to ALABAMA MOON followed by DIRT ROAD HOME.
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