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Jennifer Rush has written a thrilling debut with a perfect blend of sci-fi and mystery. It was different from what I was expecting in a way that just worked.

Altered was such a great read. The plot is absolutely addicting and is completely action pact! It is great from the start, and only gets better with each chapter. By the last quarter of the book, I was on the edge of my seat absolutely enthralled. Altered has layers and layers with its story. You keep thinking you've gotten everything there is to get and Jennifer Rush throws another layer at you, delving even deeper. There are also SO many twists. It was just SO GOOD!

Some of the characters were a bit bland for my liking at first, but by the end of the book they all really rounded out. The boys particularly all really grew on me. I think Cas was my favorite- what a sweetheart! So much of Altered was a bit like a puzzle, trying to fill in the blanks, and I loved seeing the boys and Anna work together to try to solve it. There is so much more I am so excited to read about in

There were a few aspects that forced me to suspend reality beyond a point I found that worked. Some of the particulars of the world did not seem to fit perfectly together, which left me a bit confused at time. I was also left with a lot of questions. I wanted more answers, particularly in regard to the sci-fi aspect of Altered. Jennifer Rush crafted this really enticing neat idea, but at times, I couldn't grasp the entirety of it since everything wasn't quite fleshed out.

Altered by Jennifer Rush was a wonderful book. It was not without its flaws, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. After the intense ending Jennifer Rush leaves readers with, the wait for the next book will be intense indeed! I cannot wait to read more from this rising star in YA!
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