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Japanese Steampunk
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What grabbed my attention while wondering through the bookshop was the amazing front cover. The blood red smoke and gloomy sky works so well together, as well as the girl on the front (Yukiko) with her fox-tailed tattoo and black clothes, and the shining white thunder tiger in the corner. This cover draws everyone's attention straight to it, and will definitely help sales, and the story itself is amazing.

I loved how Yukiko had the special power that helped her connect with animals. That made her extra special, especially since she used it with the dog in front of the one who orders the destruction of those with it. Yukiko is a strong heroine, and certainly brings so much more into this book. But the writing style doesn't allow us to get to know her as much, and this book would of been so much better if we got closer to her.

I LOVED BURUU!!! He was so cute, and I loved how he had so much emotion and thoughts that stuck to animal like behaviour, but branched off to complex human feelings. Buruu brought humour to this book, and without him, this book would be a lot more dry. I thought it was a great idea to have Yukiko and Buruu to start mingling like they did, swapping animal for human. This is going to be big in the next book, as Yukiko becomes more animal-like.

The romance was slightly confusing, but I'm glad it wasn't a very massive part of the book, like how in some other books, it takes over the plot. I thought that Yukiko was really mean to be with someone because of their eye colour, and not for their personality and how much he had helped her. Kin was so much better than Hiro. But it was good that she feels guilty when she thinks of him and is with him, so that brings her back into my good zone.

Stromdancer is a brilliant book, a new steampunk that will bring joy to reader's hearts.
Good Points
-I loved the plot.
-The characters were brilliant-I really loved Buruu
-I thought that the idea of the lotus flower being bad. I never heard of such an evil flower.
-The thunder tiger or arashitora is now added to my favourite mythical creatures list.
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