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The Book of Blood and Shadow
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The Book of Blood and Shadow blurb was a bit deceiving, I thought it was set in a different time (silly me), and that the main character (Nora) would be in the thick of things, with 'secret societies' and shadowy conspirators', but those things appeared right at the end, and the part leading up to the end was slightly boring and predictable. This book was kinda let down for me, it took me forever to read, and it was a painful journey that I took to do so.

The characters:

Nora-I loved how she connected with Elizabeth, when everyone else thought that her letters were a waste of time. This gave Nora a certain quality I liked that you don't find in most books. I thought she was a bit thick headed, and she refused to see what was in plain sight, that Max was a compete idiot and on the opposite side. I knew it immediately when he ran away.

Adriane-She seemed such a lovely character at the start, but as the book wore on, and her mind went in a weird direction, I started to dislike her. She was a bit snotty and arrogant, and she kept repelling Nora's attempts to be friends, so they went into some really weird relationship.

Max-He seemed alright at the start, but the further I read, and you could see he wasn't a very nice person, snapping back at Nora, and bossing her around. He was so obvious that he was using her, both as a girlfriend and for the Lumen Dei. I didn't like Max at all.

Eli-I thought that he was the best out of the characters. He stuck by Nora even if he didn't have to, even if it was he mission, it felt like he was doing it out of the goodness of his heart. I thought his personality was the best by far.

I liked the whole letter thing, with the clues hidden in coded Latin, and stuff like that. That would of been even better if they didn't figure out the clues so quickly, they got them the instant they translated it into English. It was way to easy for the characters.

The Book of Blood and Shadow was definitely not for me, but it might be different for other people, as you can obviously see from the other people's reviews.
Good Points
-I loved the letters from Elizabeth, and how Nora knew from the beginning that the letters were important. I really enjoyed that part of the book, but I thought the characters got the clues way too easily.
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