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Aimee Carter really sealed the deal for this series for me with The Goddess Inheritance. I've liked the trilogy all along, but it had its wish-washy moments for me. With The Goddess Inheritance, Aimee Carter really pulled out all the stops and came up with a worthy ending to this fantastic story.

Kate as a character has been one of the most unsteady elements of this series for me, but in The Goddess Inheritance she really proved herself as a character. A lot of the flaws in her that bugged me in the prior two books become her strengths in The Goddess Inheritance. I continued to love the other characters in the book - they are the strongest element of the book. Henry, James, Ava - they all are such wonderful characters and I love sharing their story.

The plot in this one is one twisty, turny ride! I could never predict what was going to come next. I love how innovative Aimee Carter has been with the mythology in the series - its a new take on the classic Greek myths that is absolutely refreshing. The Goddess Inheritance was one of those books that really plays with your emotions. I was pretty certain Aimee Carter was going to break my heart at least once after about five pages and break it she did. My emotions were in a wreck up until the final pages.

My one complaint about this one was the actual ending. Everything from this storyline was tied up nicely, but there were too many elements left open for my liking. I was hoping for a little more closure.

All in all, The Goddess Inheritance is a fabulous end to the trilogy. The Goddess Inheritance is by far the most risky of the trilogy and is completely action packed. Twined with the romance of the book, I was completely on board! I love Aimee Carter's story telling abilities and cannot wait to read more from her in the future.
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