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I’m a huge Sarah Ockler fangirl, and while Bittersweet wasn’t as heartwrenching as her previous books, it was adorable and moving and a lot of fun.

As someone who has never seen snow before, reading a book about ice skating and winter and snow and all of that fun wintery stuff was so awesome. I wanted to be in Watonka with Hudson and Bug and drinking hot chocolate and eating the weirdest yet most delicious sounding cupcakes ever.

As for the characters in Bittersweet, I loved Hudson, but she did drive me crazy at some points. She would not make up her mind! Of course, you know, not that I’m able to make up my mind ever, but I did want to shake her and give her a little push in the right directions. But I loved her character growth throughout Bittersweet. I thought it was very well done and I was very happy with her decisions at the end.

And the boy thing. There were a lot of awesome boys in Bittersweet, from the hockey team to Josh and Will, but my favourite was Bug. He was the cutest, most awesome little brother ever. He had the greatest quirks and I just wanted to make him my little brother. He rocked. The secondary characters in Bittersweet were all pretty amazing and three dimensional, but he was absolutely my favourite.

And I have to make a quick mention of the chapter headings – they are CUPCAKE RECIPES. I seriously need to try to make every single one.

Overall, I loved Bittersweet so much. There’s romance and cupcakes and ice skating and it told a really great and moving story about family struggling in their own ways. If you love contemporaries, I definitely recommend Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler.

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