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I’m a big, big fan of historical fiction. But I’ll be honest – I don’t know much about the history of Scotland. I haven’t even seen the movie Braveheart (although I’ve heard that’s not historically accurate, so, you know). So I was pretty excited about The Betrayal of Maggie Blair – historical fiction, plus it’s about a country period I don’t know that much about it.

And, okay, The Betrayal of Maggie Blair was pretty slow going at first. Other people might not see it that way – I mean, nothing about being accused as a witch is boring, but it did take me a while to get into. But the storyline got more and more interesting as it went on, and definitely more rocky for Maggie. Seriously – that girl went through a lot of crap throughout this book. I really felt for her. She was really, really loyal to her family and would do anything for them, and I loved that.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t all that attached to any of the other characters. Annie exasperated me, but I thought she was a well written and interesting character. No one else really stood out to me as being memorable.

There is a lot of religious elements to this book, which makes sense considering the time period. A rocky time for religion, no matter where you were.

Overall, The Betrayal of Maggie Blair was a very interesting, albeit slow book. Elizabeth Laird did an excellent job of describing the time period well enough for the reader to visualize. I definitely recommend it to fans of historical fiction. Also – the finished copy is gorgeous, so added bonus!

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