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Hobbitsies Reviews: An awesome contemp with a heavy dose of romance
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If you’re a fan of fun, romantic contemporaries with a huge focus on music (and who isn’t?), definitely do not miss Being Friends With Boys by Terra Elan McVoy.

I loved Charlotte, the protagonist. She was snarky and hilarious and talented. And while I was COMPLETELY overwhelmed by how many boy friends she had and I had very little idea who to root for, my heart was always with Trip. Even when he was totally being an ass.

So yes, despite being completely overwhelmed by all the possible love interests at first, I loved all of the guy characters in Being Friends with Boys. I loved how unique they all were – so different from each other in personality and look and manners. None of them fell flat for me.

The storyline in Being Friends with Boys was cute and fun and also inspirational! I loved seeing Charlotte become braver and more confident in her own musical abilities.

Terra Elan McVoy does it again with Being Friends with Boys. I’ve read some of her previous works, and I think Being Friends with Boys is by far my favourite. Recommended to fans of contemporary books with heavy doses of musical and romantic awesomeness.

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