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Alright. This is a book about a slightly overdone paranormal sub genre. There’s a love triangle. It sounds like it should be kind of cliche, right? But A Beautiful Dark is actually really very good. Like read 400 pages in one day kind of good.

For one thing, I really liked Skye. Her character made sense to me. She was polite, she obeyed basic rules, she had friends and she had fun, and she really just a normal high school girl.

Also? It turns out I’m not over love triangles just yet. I kept going back and forth between Devin and Asher and I was with Skye all the way with “wtffff do I do!” Both of the guys are dynamic and interesting.

I was so intrigued by the storyline and romance that I literally read A Beautiful Dark in one day. It’s definitely an interesting twist on an almost overdone paranormal, and I really loved all the characters. Although I do wonder – how come the dorky best friend never gets the girl?

If you’re looking well-done love triangle with an equally well-done and interesting storyline, definitely check out A Beautiful Dark. Detailed and engrossing story with an ending that left me wanting more.

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