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I'm almost sure there's a bouncy ball of DOOM in this book
(Updated: December 17, 2012)
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In this book, we learn that the FBI is bad and likes working with evil aliens, the Mogadorians are flippin' everywhere all the time, and Cepans are not the sturdiest of guardians. Seriously...Cepans need more battle training. And maybe invincibility.

There is a lot going on in this book, so much so that the story gets a little lost in all of the action and mentions of alien objects. Oh, and very few of the objects have names, so you sort of just have to keep up with what the red bracelet, the nubby yellow ball, the stick, the glasses and various other random items do. And I agree with the kids, it would be much simpler if the Chests were backpacks instead of wooden boxes...I guess the only things on hand when Lorien was being destroyed was bulky wooden boxes!

The Bad Bad Mog is on Earth now, and it seems like he’s even more powerful than all of the Guarde put together. However, they think they have a chance at beating him in the future, after they learn about their legacies, which is rather optimistic of them since this guy and all his buddies wiped out a WHOLE PLANET that had its own super-powered population. But these kids are just going to be so amazing one day that this will be plausible. Got it…

There are too many POVs in this book, and I don’t like how the writer switches font types to signify that a new voice has taken over. It’s aggravating, and I would rather that the same font was kept and the POV was signified by writing the character’s name in front of each chapter.

I like Nine. He was sort of bonkers, volatile and unstable, but there is something intriguing about him and his craziness. Eight is also nice addition to the team, what with his jovial, playful personality and his incredibly useful powers. Marina’s crush on him is random but cute.

This book was decent but scattered; I just wasn’t really caught up in the story or the characters. I’ll probably read the next book in this series out of curiosity.
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