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Being a Jane Austen fan myself I was incredibly excited about reading, For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund, as this novel is inspired by Jane. But after reading the back of the book I was hoping to be able to follow along to the story line, you see this book takes place in postapocalyptic time. Sometimes those plot lines can be hard to follow. With that said, not this novel after reaching 20 pages I was completely hooked in, my mind was raging with how different everything was. Let me give you a little more history then when you read, For Darkness Shows the Stars you will become hooked in the first 3 words. Trust me, this is not a to-read but a must read. Be prepared for a fun history lesson, here it goes. As described in the synopsis to the book there are different what you may say classes to society in there present day.
Luddites- Now Luddites are the people that rejected generic engineering. They wear simple clothes, don't embrace technology and are what they think "taking" care of others that are less like them.
Reduced- These are the people that are being taken "care" of by the Luddites on Estates. Reduced are not "normal" because of past generic engineering. Reduced have become just that not of sound mind. Like the average human being.
COR (Child of Reduced) - After generations the reduced are giving birth to children that are in my opinion within the same mental/physical guidelines of the Luddites. But COR's still work and are treated as reduced.
Post- Are children of the reduced, some not all have gone away from their Luddite Estates and made a different life for themselves. Post are smart sometimes smarter than Luddites. Post technology is awesome.
Why the history lesson because in knowing a little brief history behind the book, you will love it from the start not after 20-30 pages in!

Diane Peterfreund is brilliant, so Jane Austen inspired. How did she pull it off in a book like this, I have no idea. Every word captivated me. I stayed up one night my eyes just would not let go of the pages. I could not help but feel sorry for Elliot, she was trapped in between two worlds her kindness, softness, fragile world of caring for others, loving the Reduced/Posts that she spent her whole life with on her father's Estate. Working her body to the bone to overcome a father with no hint of money smarts. To that of a world of being free, free to love, free to help herself and not be a self inflicted prisoner for the care of others. Elliot loves beauty, throughout the story. I found that Elliot feared herself, afraid of letting go, seeing what might be.
Elliot's love Kai, oh how Diane brought out the inspiration of Jane Austen Through Kai later to be Captain Wentforth. Kai drew me into the book, not really understanding were he was emotionally with Elliot gave me a mystery I craved. Wanted more love and romance between them. At times I was screaming do you love her or not!!!!
I don't want to give to much away but I can say that Diane Peterfreund landed me on cloud nine with a lovely writing style switching back and for between Elliot's present day and her past. I give this book 5/5 Smacks. Epic vision of the future in a time that brought separation, Diane brought togetherness. A future as bright as all could see. The only question I'm posing on this book is when is the next. Please let there be a part two.
Whatever kind of genre of book you love it doesn't matter you will love this. Pick it up and you won't let go!
In a little side note I would love to add at the end of this book all Jane Austen fans must read the Acknowledgements! Love it, more please I'm begging!
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