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(Updated: December 15, 2012)
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This book was can be totally unengaging to me at times. I've seen this book on bookshelves but i didn't feel like reading it but after passing by it so many times, i decided to give it a go.
It started out alright- Tally tricking her room and sneaking out, bungee jumping etc- but it started getting boring and dragging. I decided to stop reading it many times but i hate leaving a book unfinished so i carried on.
I liked the idea of pretties and specials. This may sound weird but i loved the Special Circumstances, i loved the idea of these secret unstoppable beings trying to keep the world safe and prevent things from outside getting in. Stuffs like hover-cars and hover-boards however, felt so unoriginal to me but i was glad that i read it to the end as it miraculously turned interesting.
The thing that made me sad was Shay turning pretty- been made into what you never wanted to be can be devastating.
Scott Weterfeld has a good concept about how something can be so perfect and yet so evil at the same time.
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