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A heroine more focused on honor than choosing the right boy.
(Updated: December 14, 2012)
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What I Liked: Clean-cut, fast-paced action with a strong female character who was spurred on by a sense of honor and duty instead of just swoon. (Not, that I don't love the swoon.) The two would-be love interests were equally as strong although one was more concerned about Kira as a person and not just what a partnership with her could do to boost him. Kira's cousin, the young prince seemed immature for his age but I think that's to be expected from someone whose used to being coddled. This book has a strong family element which was also a huge plus for me.

What left me wanting more: I am a fan of kissing and there wasn't any. However, I think the relationship building that takes place is more realistic without the kissing. There is so much action and it all happens so fast that there didn't seem to be any down time for the characters. I know Kira is on a mission and demon hunting doesn't offer vacation or sick days but I would've enjoyed seeing she and the others have a little break beyond when they were sleeping. There were a few times I got confused about what was happening and where.

The Final Verdict: This is a quick, enjoyable read and the perfect intro into fantasy for those readers who may not normally read this genre.

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