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Omg!!! Great ending!!!
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Morganville is tense. On the outside it looks like the town is rebuilding and calm , but underneath trouble is brewing. Vampires and humans aren’t happy with there status between each other and full out war seems to be waiting just around the corner. Once again our friends are trapped in the middle. With Michael and Eve being married, Clare being seen as the vampire’s pet human, and Shane being friends with the happy couple and dating Claire, they are on everyone’s crap list and both sides want them to pick a side. Our heroes must find a way to break Oliver’s hold on Amelie, before the town tears itself apart. Plus they need to try to help their teenage ghost housemate and the unsuspecting ghost hunters fro out of town that are poking around. Just another day in everyone’s favorite vampire town. J
Just when you think that the story must be close to ending, Rachel Caine comes up with another thrilling hurdle to throw at her characters. It’s fun that the readers have watched them grow into the people they’ve
become and I honestly can’t wait to read the next book. Now that two of our favorite character’s have gotten freedom from Morganville, what will happen next. Whatever it is, it’s sure to be surprising.
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