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Ascend by Amanda Hocking (Trylle #3)
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“I don’t want only one night. I want all the nights. I want all of you, forever.”
? Amanda Hocking, Ascend

Ascend is the dramatic conclusion to Amanda Hocking’s Trylle series. Wendy’s journey has been hard. Not only does she find out that she is a Troll-she is a Troll Princess! Don’t believe everything that fairy tales say; Trolls look like everyone else. They are not ugly mis-happened creatures that hide under bridges waiting to surprise you, but maybe the person sitting right beside of you.

Wendy’s world has been turned upside down. How can she rule people that she knows nothing about? Her birth Mother is teaching her the ropes, but those ropes feel more like a noose. Not to mention that her father is evil and wants to conquer her people and rule her Kingdom.

Tove is teaching her how to control and use her magical abilities. Wendy comes from two very strong bloodlines and it shows in her magic. With magic there always comes a price. In the Trylle world the more you use your magic, the more of your life energy is taken from you. Unfortunately, the magic has a mind of its own and if it is not used can cause madness and pain.

Wendy’s love life is beyond complicated. She thought that she was in love with Finn, but then she meet Loki-an enemy Prince…and married Tove! Did I mention it was complicated? Her Kingdom must come first; but should she sacrifice true love? There are a lot of people looking to her for guidance and protection. Can a Princess, who is soon to be Queen, marry for love and still save her Kingdom?

Ascend is a story that weaves an enchantment into your very soul. Join Wendy as she face’s hobgoblins, evil Kings, marriage, and all too tempting guys. Will she be able to vanquish her father, save her kingdom, and follow her heart?
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In a literary world filled with all kinds of supernatural creatures, with the Vampires being dominant in the food chain, it is refreshing to read a story about Trolls. Not many stories are written that portray trolls in good light. Amanda Hocking takes the idea of Trolls looking just like everyone else and creates a world and characters that you fall in love with.
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