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Just fiction or a reality to come?
(Updated: December 06, 2012)
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Meet Pia. No last name and isolated from the world, which is the entire globe, except for a small village, full of all kinds of scientists, called Little Cam. This facility is located in the Amazon jungle (she doesn't even know that). Did I mention she's immortal? Maybe not. She's the first of her kind. A five-generation work that finally sees the light. She can't bleed, she's immune to any kind of disease somebody could think of and she has an eternity to live.

She's perfect, or so everyone thought because she has one of the characteristics that make us human beings. Curiosity. And it will get the best of her…or the worst. When she notices a hole in the fence and finds herself watching the world she lived in for seventeen years from the outside, everything changes. For the first time she's free to wander the Amazon jungle, where she meets Eio, a local who belongs to the Ai'oa tribe. But the thing is, he doesn't look like anyone in his tribe. He looks like the male version of Pia.

"His eyes are startlingly blue and as wide as papayas. I have never seen such blue, blue eyes."

Eventually he falls for her and wants her out of Little Cam forever. But she wants to become the newest member of the Immortis team and create more of her kind. But in order to accomplish that, she has to pass one last test that is against everything she believes in.

"Go now or lose your chance forever, Wild Pia's voice whispers in my head"

And it's only the beginning…
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I really liked Origin.It's not the kind of story we're used to reading and that's what makes it a unique.
A must-read!
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