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My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century
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I absolutely loved this book! I am usually not a fan of time travel books simply because I don't like sci-fi type of books. However, this is one time travel book that I could not put down. This is because it is written as more of a cute story for teens today. I really liked that this book took place during the Renaissance in Italy. I think that was an awesome time period, and it was cool to see how Rachel really incorporated it into the book. It made me want to go back in time!! Especially to get to see Lorenzo. Oh Lorenzo. You made me jealous of Cat. I loved their interactions with each other and how they may have been normal for the 21st century, but not the 16th century. Watching Cat figure out the proper way to do things was hilarious to me. I did not think about how many things would be so completely different. Things that we take for granted like toothpaste. So funny! My favorite part of the book was probably after Cat came back to the 21st century. I absolutely loved the way Rachel tied in the two stories! And the ending!! I cannot wait for the second book now!!
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