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Nicole Castro was the prettiest and most popular girl in school before she was attacked with acid and her face was disfigured. Jay was a loner at the edge of the crowd until his public epileptic seizures brought him to everyone's attention. Both of them are getting counseling at school and form an uneasy alliance. Jay is determined to find out who attacked Nicole, and uses his hacking skills to uncover information. In the meantime, Nicole is trying to get on with her life despite her new challenges. Both have plenty of issues to work through-- absent parents, parents who care too much, and awkward social entanglements that are complicated by their other challenges. If Jay can find out who attacked Nicole, will their relationship change?

Good Points
This was interesting on a lot of levels. The mystery of Nicole's attack was handled well, and I liked how Jay used his computer hacking skills. Jay's epilepsy also seemed realistically portray and was something I haven't read much about. Great cover. The thing that I liked best about it was the characters. I liked how both Nicole and Jay were developed, and how their unlikely friendship made sense because of how events developed.
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