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Well this book is actually more for younger teens I read it when I was 13. And I liked it when I was younger but then I relished it was so badly written. I really hate the fact how much emphases they put on the real ness of this book. For one they describe drugs in away not is far from the truth. Anyone that has taken LSD will know that it's not any where close to the way described in this book. Two the way it's written like a diary really gets on your nerves. Thirdly for being written by a psychiatrist it grammar and spelling is terrible even for young teens the stander of writing was so bad. It's still not the worse book to be read. I agree that it should be read in schools special when they do the dare program in 5th grade- if they even still do that program- but at a certain point I wouldn't recommend this book to any drug user cuz it lame or to any one older then 13. Maybe it would detour children
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It's a good life lessees son for older kids but nothing else
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