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I was hooked on this series since I accidentally bought fallen thinking it was another fallen series. Well I'm very happy I got mixed up with the two because these series makes your heart skip a beat. Wi angles, god and good vs evil honestly how could you not love it. I'm a very big advocate of the villains why not there always the underdogs they never get any lovein. But this time I had to start riots of the love Danielle and Lucy got to share. -they also made me want the kind of love that these to had :(:)
Be carful girls you don't start wanting Danielle instead of your husbands or boyfriend finances or even wife's and or girlfriends. Cus gay or straight you will be head over heels love this fallen series!!!!!!!! Yay- Chelsea Marie
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Amazing final! Angels, god, lucifer, knowledge of it all hasn't sent Lucinda Aks Lucy into her normal burst of burning sad death. Why hasent it happend what could that possabile mean? What is she? Is she even Human? With the many, many unanswered question they are all finally answered in 'Rapture' I won't say what the big finally is with these questions but its not something I was ever thinking about. I will say yay they have help in the very end &finally get to be fully together!!!!
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