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To Kim above this comment/review
Sorry to Kim above this book has nothing to do with Ellen's book "Tricks" ! I think that the book review would make better since if you but the correct title. Which is actually " Triangles: A novel " also hope you've read the acutal prequel -Kim- or else you would have gotten the whole experience from the book. Sadly I haven't had any money for this book YET. But I have every other book of Ellen Hopkins and I've loved every single last one of them. Ellen has been my fav author for beyond a decade.
Good Points
Ellen writes from the heart and just like the - CRANK TRILOGY- writes from experience of her life. I only wished more young teens and young adults would read more. Because these books have truly taught me a lot of teen issues and has even helped me with my adult life. This is one adult that just gets it she hasn't forgotten her teen life as much as the other authors that just have lost the truth about being young.
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