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Elixir by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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(Warning: If you have not read Deity, you will not understand this novella!)

Where to start?! Of course I LOVED it because everyone knows I LOVE Aiden. But this novella from his POV was very hard to read. It was gut wrenching and I felt so bad for him. He was very emotional and I wanted to crawl in the book and comfort him myself. It was a nice change to be in his mind and see the love he has for Alex. He is no doubt the most wonderful, sweetest book boyfriend ever.
I also felt bad for Alex. Although she was being a certified crazy person, none of it was her fault. I don't believe that anything she did was her for a minute. Then when she had that "breakthrough," I really felt bad because I even knew it wouldn't last. Watching as she goes through this is like slamming my finger in the door time after time after time. It hurts. She was so strong and him taking her over like this makes her seem like a weakened, broken shell and I HATED it.
But overall, this was a great installment to the Covenant series. A war is brewing and Aiden seems to be the only one not reacting to the fear of the Apolloyons. He seems to see what everyone else does not, all for Alex's sake.
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