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Every Other Day is an amazing paranormal book that I definitely recommend. It tells the story of Kali. Every other day, she's a normal teenage human girl (stress on the human). But all those days in between... she's not human. She is a hunter. She hunts paranormal creatures. Zombies, hellhounds. You name it, she's probably killed it.

She lives in our world, but a long time into the future. It is 200 years after someone discovered that paranormal creatures existed. Ever since then, they have been an unstoppable force, preying on humans. Well, unstoppable to everyone except Kali. No one knows why they didn't attack when people didn't know about them.

On those days when she's not human, she has an undeniable instinct to hunt, trap and kill supernatural creatures. But one day, she sees a mark on the lower back of a classmate. This mark means that a chupacabra has burrowed under her skin and will soon consume her. Kali wants to help, but there just one tiny problem. It's the wrong day. She is human, and powerless.

Kali is a great protagonist. She is a kick-butt heroine, and she can take care of herself. She doesn't need anyone.

There was no obsessive romance through this book. There was only like a tiny kiss at the very end, and then the guy disappeared for eighteen months.

I was a little confused to why Skylar (a perky optimistic seer) and her brothers knew so much about the supernatural side of the world. I understood Kali, because she killed these things, and Bethany, because her father involved himself in it, but Skylar?

This is a really great book that I recommend to paranormalcy fans who want a break from the obsessive romance that seems to be a given in so many of those books. And, even though it may seem like a girl book, I also recommend it to boys, as long as they have no problem with reading from a girls' perspective. Don't worry about it being too slow. There is a lot of action scenes and killing things.
Good Points
- No annoying romance
- Great heroine
- Amazing heroine
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