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This is a by far one of the best books in the series. New adventures and risks approach Zoey when she truly knows that Neferet is evil. Sadly for Zoey it is hard for her since all of her friends hate her except for Aphrodite (who is actually nice now) and Stevie Rae.

Another boy Stark is introduced and yup here comes a love triangle all over again. I like love triangles, but not like this. I really wish the Cast's would give it a break already. (trust me it gets bad in the next books) Otherwise, the love triangles, this book is great and I highly recommend for the House of Night fans.

The suspence in the book is great (especially at the end). The book is certianly not boring, it kept me wanting to read on and seeing what happens next! I wonder how the Cast's come up with all these ideas to keep the book looking good.
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