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Cover: One look at the cover and you’ll know that this book is about a ghost… Anna was pictured on the cover very beautifully…

Theseus Cassio:

Or Cas is the main protagonist in the story… The story is also told from his POV… At the start of the book I felt Cas was just using people for his interest… You can see it clearly at the first chapters of the story… His strategy was to ‘find the queen bee of the school’ and from there he can start his mission… I also felt that Cas is sometimes too proud of himself… I said this because in one of the scenes in the book, he even said to his ‘friend’ that he’s the only one who could use his father’s athame (he never tested this theory) and of course kill Anna… But maybe he only said that so he could get his athame back…

Anna Korlov:

Also known as Anna Dressed in Blood is a killer ghost... She’s a very powerful ghost and she seems a one-of-a-kind ghost… Cas really had a hard time figuring her out, he even had to use a spell to know how she got very powerful… Her story is a really sad one… Imagine doing something that you don’t even like! Forced to do something against your will while you’re there sitting at the back of your mind! You’ll understand it once you have read the story…


The story is overall a champion… The scenes were written beautifully and they will surely captivate you… I remember the scene where the Obeahman was coming down the stairs (that was really scary!)… I was really imagining it! You won’t regret buying this book…


And lastly, this book contain swear words… They’re not really many but they are there…
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