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Cover: What is the name of the flower on the cover? I’m very intrigued…. Anyway, the cover is fine…


I HATE HER!!! I hate her because she can’t decide who she wants to be with… She wants to be with David but at the same time she’s happy when she’s with Tamani… What Tamani said to her was right… That she’s got the best of both worlds and for me she doesn’t deserve it… Sometimes I feel like she’s just with David because she really doesn’t want to be in Avalon and that she’s only with him because she doesn’t know what else to do… I also hate her because she seems to be just using Tamani… Whenever she’s in the fairy world (or Avalon) she always insists that Tamani has to be with her even though Tamani sometimes hesitates because of his ‘status’ in Avalon… I understand that being in a world you’re not familiar with is quite scary that’s why you want someone you know to be with you, but still… The only thing that I and Laurel agree is about the ‘status or rank’ of a fairy in Avalon (because that’s really discriminating)… Conclusion: Until the end, I HATE HER!!!


I feel so sorry for him… He always breaks the rules for Laurel but Laurel doesn’t seem to care about that or even appreciate it… I hope he just moves on and find someone else for him… I’d be happier… =)


The story, like its predecessor, an ordinary one… I didn’t see anything exceptional in the story… Nothing was making me long for a sequel (except the sneak peek for the third book)… I really can’t say much because as I said earlier nothing about this book imprinted in my mind…

Sneak Peek for Illusions:

This might be the only thing that made me somehow want to read the third book… See, the sneak peek was somewhat a shocking revelation… I really didn’t expect him to be there, I know he had a plan but I never thought about that in a million years… I just really wish she’ll return his feelings for her… Or he’ll just move on and find someone else…


I rated this book three stars not because I like it but because this book made me react about Laurel’s actions… And in that way this book affected me… And for me, that’s quite worthy of a three stars… But seriously, I thought of giving this book two stars…
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