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(Updated: November 15, 2012)
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First, I want to thank the author, Ada Adams, and also Marian R., for an e-copy of the book…


The cover is gorgeous!!! I really like her necklace!!! Where can I get one?


The first chapters of the story will give you the impression of a fast-paced novel… They also gave me the impression that Dawn is a kickass character who will do anything she wants, and that she is a VIP (considering that she’s the daughter of the president of the vamps)…

I also noticed that some of the events from the past will also happen in the present (like the revenge)… But the difference is that the events in the present are somewhat more brutal than the past… Though let’s just say that the brutality of one of the events is justifiable…

Oh, and let’s not forget the scene where Dawn’s father left a message… It was quite sad…

Overall, if you are planning to read this one, just expect the unexpected because this book took the cake in the twists… Let’s just say that it will shift its genre (from PR to Dys.; at least for me it’s like that)… I tell you that I really did not expect the revelation of Dawn’s true identity…

Happy Reading!!! Thank you!!!
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