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A very beautiful, haunting story
(Updated: November 15, 2012)
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Cover: It looks so creepy… *Shudder*


Basically, the story is told from Helen’s POV… I can really feel her emotions from the very start of the book… I felt her loneliness, her confusion as to why she is still here on earth and why can’t she remember her old life and her desire to go to the afterlife…

I’ll just skip to the more exciting part… When Helen went to Jennifer’s body, her life seems to be more dangerous (and monotonous) than when she was a ghost… Her (Jennifer’s) parents were very strict… They do every little thing on a certain time… For example, before Jennifer (Helen) sleeps, she must say her prayers; she must do her assignments with her mom on this time and etc (No wonder, the real Jennifer was an empty shell)… And to top it all, Helen must act like she’s Jennifer but she doesn’t have Jen’s memories that’s why adapting to her new life was hard for her… It was very fortunate that James was with her…

In the end, Helen’s memories came back and it was really a sad one but I think if anyone will be put in that situation, she/he will do what Helen did…

And lastly, the thing I like most about her is her unwavering love for classic literature… No matter where she is or what era she landed in, her love for reading is still there…


Sometimes I think James is a little bit modernized than Helen… Modernized because if he was born during the time when coupling was not allowed until you’re married, what he did with Helen is accepted in the modern times not during his time… He didn’t have any control over his biological desires… He’ll just kiss Helen and poof, they did it… But at least, he really loves Helen until the end…


It was fascinating… The emotions were really felt throughout the book and the plot itself was very beautiful… When I was reading the story, by the way Helen told it, I felt I was in the olden times and at the same time in the modern world… I say this because the words used were contemporary but the structure of the sentences, paragraphs were akin to the structure of the poems of the classic literature (I’m not a big fan of them but I know enough)… It gave me the idea that the speaker lived in the past and Helen really did in the past… I really can’t say anything anymore… Just read the story… Overall, it’s a hauntingly beautiful heartbreaking story…


Oh, and one last thing… The book contained some sexual scenes but they were not really described… They were written just to give the readers an idea on what the characters are doing… Don’t worry, you will not find obscene words there…

Happy Reading!!! Thank you!!!
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