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I love paranormals that are able to swept readers away with addictive storytelling. Add romance to the mix and I'm hooked.

ECHO is the second book in The Soul Seekers series. I felt this book was Daire's heroine's journey as she learns more about her mystic abilities in order to battle Cade(Dace's evil twin) and bring order back to the Lowerworld. Cade has done lots of damage and it's Daire's destiny to help stop him. There's twists and turns along with some surprising revelations.

Daire is strong and not one of those girls that just swoons over a hot guy. I especially loved how it's her that chooses what to do and not to wait around for Dace to solve the problems that have come to Enchantment, New Mexico. Sometimes she's rash and other times unsure but still she's willing to confront the issues head on.

There's a surreal feel to this series that reminds me of BLESS ME, ULTIMA. Just like that classic tale, Daire is guided by her abuela, on finding her abilities and how to use them.

And did I mention the romance? Daire and Dace's chemistry is intense and sizzling. Whenever they are by each other, sparks fly. It's not just the physical attraction that keeps Daire coming back. Around his identical twin, she only feels revulsion to his darkness. Dace is filled with light and goodness.

The other characters in this story add to the flavor of this highly addictive read. The story alternates between Daire and Dace's point of view so readers can see how both of them deal with the serious problems destroying their town.

Towards the end there is metamorphosis that I'm sure is continued in MYSTIC, the next story in this series.

Mix surrealism, a prophecy, and a love that knows no bounds for one amazing read. I couldn't put this book down!
Good Points
1. Love the surrealist feel to this paranormal tale
2. Great chemistry between Daire and Dace
3. Engaging romance
4. Highly addictive read
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