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Wow, just wow! Each book in this series is better than the one before! This is Dori and Reid's story and I have to say, I was NOT a Reid Alexander fan AT ALL. However, this third installment in the "Between the Lines" series demonstrates beautifully how no one is beyond redemption regardless of the choices they've made in the past.

Dori is a pastor's daughter who is the epitome of "good girl", or so everyone thinks. She lives out her faith in tangible ways but Reid is the one person who will push her to her limits. When tragedy strikes, she'll find out exactly what she believes in and what Reid is made of.

Reid is back and as horrible as ever, in the beginning at least. He gets a serious wake-up call after depositing his new Porche inside a house after a night of partying. Forced to do community service as part of his sentence, he's convinced the mere thought of volunteering is the worst thing to happen to him, until he meets Dori. Reid is used to people fawning all over him and meeting his every need but Dori is the first to call him on his crap. (high fives her!)

They spend a few weeks working side by side (which vaguely resembles two cats having their tales tied together and tossed over a clothesline) but eventually discover their similarities outweigh their differences. Reid's not as hopeless as he behaves and Dori doesn't have it all together. Their relationship is not an easy one which I was glad for. They have to learn to work on themselves before they can even attempt anything more than friendship and even that isn't a guarantee.

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This series may be set in young Hollywood but the issues they deal with are very real.
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