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Definitely a Special Book.... Pardon the pun :P
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Specials is another great book from Scott.

Tally has literally become a super-human. She has lightning-fast reflexes, amazing senses, razor sharp teeth and nails, and she has the confidence that she didn't really have before. And she has a super-cool hoverboard (love those things, I want one!!!)

Now, don't get mad at me for saying this, but I reckon that being a Special would be really cool. Except for, you know, the completely evil thing and those scary surgical things (e.g. fangs and whatnot). But it would be awesome to have those reflexes and senses. Not that I want to be evil.

Tally has really grown up from being the shallow person she used to be, who cared about nothing but becoming Pretty. Especially at the very last few pages, you could see how much she had grown up and how ready she was to take on responsibilities and protect what she believed in.

This is a really great read, like all the others in the Uglies series, and the ending leaves us thinking about Tally's future without being so frustratingly "I want to know what happens next!" kind of thing.

I can't wait to read Extras, although I am kind of sad that Tally won't be in it, because she has really grown on me.
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