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One of best sequels I have read all year!
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The secrets are out... or are they???

Who would have thought that Izzie and Mira would finally have something in common - and not only with what has been revealed, but also sharing the same feelings towards the same person. The media is all over it, but the girls know how to handle themselves in front of the cameras. Or at least, they thought they did.

In Winter White, Izzie and Mira are trying to get along. They are trying to lead as normal a life that they can in Emerald Cover and get ready for their cotillion. Mira has dreamed of cotillion since as long as she can remember. And is so excited to be able to share everything, even the initiations, alongside Izzie. Izzie has no intentions in doing cotillion, but seeing how much this means to Mira and her aunt, she decides to go along with it. And soon discovers that their is more to cotillion than just a pretty white dress.

In between the drama, twists and turns, Izzie and Mira are learning from one another, becoming friends and also discovering themselves. And there is never a dull moment in Emerald Cover - new characters to add some extra spice to the story-line, I could not put this book down.
Jen Calonita's writing is so spot on and captivating. Everyone is so relatable and enticing - I cannot wait to see what they'll be doing next.
AND, Winter White has one of the best cliff-hangers I have read in a long time! Seriously! I don't like being left like this, but it was one that was totally unexpected and exciting - it is going to be another wonderful installment to this series! I cannot wait to read THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER!
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