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A Moving Read.
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I don’t know how many books I’ve read but none of them have touched me as quite much as this book. Simply put John Green is a genius. I went into this book only knowing two things, that it was about cancer and according to all the reviews on Goodreads it would make me cry.

The reason I loved this book so much was because of Green’s ability to create such fleshed out characters. Most times authors’ focus only on the two main characters while giving the secondary characters dialogue here and there. Not John Green. Although the focus is on Hazel and Augustus we still get to meet the awesomness that is Hazel’s mother. I like how she was a real character which isn’t what we often see in YA.

The reason I put this book off for so long was because I was afraid it would be depressing and boy was I wrong. John Green uses just the right amount of humor. The romance between Augustus and Hazel is so sweet. I loved how even though right off the bat they liked each other their relationship started with friendship first. Now I feel I should warn you that if you are going to read this you should probably invest in a box of tissues (because those Goodreads reviewers were right you will cry. A lot.). Also, don’t read this on the bus (people will stare when you cry).
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The characters were great. I loved Hazel's mom.
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