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A great book about the effects of addiction.
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I've been eagerly anticipating this book for a while now and have to say I’m disappointed. While it did deal with some hard subject matter nothing really happens in the book. I’d have to say that this book is more about Rachel and Micah’s relationship than anything else. We get to read flashback scenes that allow us insight into their relationship which was great to read about but aside from that nothing happens plot wise.

After reading the summary I assumed that Tyler and Rachel’s interactions would lead to something romantic but sadly that wasn't the case. Although there are hints here and there about the attraction between the two again nothing really happens and that was disappointing after reading the summary which insinuated something would.

Don’t let what you read above fool you. I did like the book. It just felt anticlimactic. If you are looking for a book about addiction and how it affects families, I’d say read this book .
Good Points
I loved reading about the relationship between Micah and Rachel.
Although it was tough to read about I liked reading about Rachel's realization of how deep into addiction Micah was in.
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