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Young Adult Fiction 1808
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The Bar Code Prophecy

by Suzanne Weyn

published by Scholastic Inc.

Frightening and amazing at the same time. Frightening because something like this could happen. Amazing because the author did a great job writing this story.

An apocalyptic tale for school age children. The bar code reminded me of the "mark of the devil' foretold in the Book of Revelations. The asteroid/space stations are the perfect answer to Wormwood.

I enjoyed the manner in which the author made the Native Americans a major part of this book. Even now, we are inundated with information from the Hopi about the 'end of days'. The author does a great job of introducing this idea into the story.

I'm not certain we will so easily differentiate between the good and the evil, but our future could be hauntingly similar to the one so skillfully created in this series.

A wonderful series by a fabulous author.
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wonderful writing style
great characters
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