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This is the first stand-alone I have read by JLA, and I will say, I'm disappointed she hasn't decided to make this into a series. There were plenty of questions left unanswered so that she will have the opportunity to do so, but I will find myself disappointed if it just ends there and I am left not knowing.

I enjoyed the story, it was a quick and fun read; but I felt like the characters were too similar to Tahereh Mafi's characters in Shatter Me. But that just means there's one more book out there filled with sexy men! Hehehe.

Hayden, while not as striking a personality as Daemon or Aiden, will still steal your breath away. He's sexy, protective, and charming--and he's got this sweetness to him that will just make you say, "Awwwww." The romance is innocent--I wouldn't have any issues with my teenage daughter (if I had one) reading this as it doesn't get nearly as steamy as the romances in the Half-Blood or Lux series.

While not on the same level as her other two series, Cursed was still enjoyable and held my interest easily. It was predictable, but my heart still sped up when the climax was nearing because I just had to know how it ended--even if I already figured out the who.
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