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I could not finish this book.

When I first read the blurb for this book, I was so excited for a thriller with a female lead in the young adult spectrum. I mean, what's not to like if it truly is Bourne meets The Godfather. However, I was truly disappointed in Colf Fury.

What disappointed me?

First off, the action was extremely slow. I was expecting a fast-paced, on the edge of your seat pursuit where the clues just keep coming and you just keep getting thrown back with surprise. But none of that came. I was 100 pages into the book and absolutely nothing had happened. There was nothing to catch and keep my attention.

The writing felt more like rambling than flushed out and thought through prose. Its written as if Sara is looking back on the events of her life and telling her story to someone. This would be fine if she would stick to the main events, but instead, she tells us every little detail of her past and you just get lost in the minute details. She could have stuck to the big events and maybe kept my attention and interest better.

If you are the type of person who can make it through the slow parts to get to the better parts, then you might enjoy this book. However, do not expect Bourne or The Godfather, because unfortunately, neither of those are seen in this book.
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