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I have been sort of obsessed with books that reinvent the Hades/Persephone myth lately, so naturally, Abandon was on my list of books to read. After reading it, I'm sort of stuck on how I feel about it. I love the storyline that Meg Cabot puts forth and I think it had tremendous potentional, but for me, the actual book fell short. It was slow and at times awkwardly written. That being said, I did still enjoy it and plan to read Underworld very soon.

Perhaps the reason I have blah feelings toward it is the main character, Pierce. She just seems unbelievably nieve to me--I can you end up at a River with boats ferrying people to different places while a man dressed all in black uses his thunderous voice to control the rioting and then NOT put two and two together that...Oh, maybe I'm in the Underworld. And throughout the entire novel things that should have been so obvious (had she had any education at all)just went completely over her head. I got really frustrated at how little she understood. Her attitude towards John (resident Hottie God of the Underworld)really irked me, too, after he repeatedly shows up to help her. what did I like? Obviously the guy--John. Meg captured his brokeness brilliantly. He's tortured by his job and his feelings for Pierce, and that shows in his actions and personality. I really felt for him the moment he was first introduced. However, he is hardly in the book at all until the end--which, in my opinion, was a huge mistake. I wished there were more circumstances where he would have shown up so we could get to know him a little better.

Overall, not the best Persephone/Hades reinvention out there, but I still somewhat enjoyed it. I'm hoping that the second book will move a little faster, that Pierce will get over herself, and that we will see more John!
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