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Giving your young body to old people... would you do it?
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First of all: I love the cover. I don't know why. It just looks so cool.

WARNING: This is not your average dystopian novel. It is a world that is not completely destroyed, but one where nothing is perfect either (duh, its a dystopian).

Callie is a teenager. This may not sound so terrifying to you, but in the world that she lives in, people get to live up to be 200. So younger people are viewed as a kind of pest. I hated the old people (or the Enders, as Callie would call them). They basically thought that young people had no rights.

So anyway, Callie has a younger brother who she would do anything for. Even rent out her body to some crazy Ender.

I loved the concept of renting out your teenage body. I think it must have been so terrifying, to trust an old person you don't even know enough to let them into your body and do whatever they want with it. It just shows what some people will do for the people they love. And the Enders aren't exactly careful with them either. It just shows that we can't treat people like they are disposable. They all have lives, and the Enders didn't see it that way. They just saw them as disposable packages, like use once and throw away things.

As I said before Callie loves her brother more than anything (she doesn't have parents). She wasn't totally obsessive over him, but everything that she did in the book was done, not with though about what would happen to her, but with thought about what would happen to her brother. She was a great protagonist.

So, we open the story with Callie, who is a street rat fighting to stay alive. She is considering joining Prime Destinations, an illegal organisation that employs teenagers to rent out their bodies to old people who want to have a bit of fun. She would get a lot of money for it, but she's not sure. And I can relate to that. After all, you wouldn't just want to randomly rent out your body without thinking about it.

Then she decides to, and she has to tell Prime Destinations what kind of skills she has (the body doesn't lose the skills). When she mentions shooting, they become quite interested. For the first couple of rent-outs, everything's fine. It's just like falling asleep and waking up a week later.

Then. Someone rents Callie's body out for the specific use of shooting. Callie is reluctant, and she would have to be away for a month this time. But something goes wrong - Callie finds herself waking up in her body when she's not supposed to, and suddenly finds herself tangled up in a murder. How will she know what to do, when she could lose control at any second?

This is everything you could want - mystery: why is she trying to murder someone? Is there something wrong with Prime Destinations (just a hint: hell yes there is!) - action: avoiding the mysterious Old Man and trying to stop herself from murdering someone before it is too late - and romance with Blake, the cute guy (no love triangle).

And OH MY GOSH that ending twist was amazing. I am definitely itching to read the next book.
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Amazing concept, definitely something to give a try!
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