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This is the debut novel by author Rachel Harris, and I must say its an awesome start! I liked this book right off the bat. I think that the cover is so fitting and funny at the same time once you have read that book. When I read the book blurb I fell in love the storyline. It would be so awesome to travel back in time. Especially to the renaissance period (big dresses). Plus I thought that it was hilarious about how there was the My Super Sweet 16 Spoof of the MTV show.
I really enjoyed the characters. I loved Cat, other then I find that she accepted the time travel too readily, where I would have been pooping my pants. Also she was worried about getting home for a small period then forgot all about home For most of the book. I wished that we had learned more about Cat's mom. I found Reyna to be super mysterious, and hopefully we learn more about her in the future.then there was Lorenzo (swoon). How hot is he. I loved his player reputation. But he was also sweet and romantic. I'm just sad that things between him and Cat had to end. :(
Then Rachel leaves me hanging on a cliff lol with the ending!!! Can't wait for the next book!!!!
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