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I loved Winter White by Jen Calonita! There’s something about this series that is so addicting and engaging and even though it seems like it might be shallow, there’s a lot of issues that are really relatable to teenagers today, except they’re presented in a fun and entertaining way.

There are lot of deep family issues in Winter White. No one is happy and there’s a lot of tension and depression on all parts of the family and it was interesting to see that dynamic explored. I think a lot of teens sometimes feel like they don’t belong in their family, so even though maybe not all of their dad’s are running for office, but it was still relatable in the over all theme.

The storyline in Winter White was just as engaging as the storyline in Belles. I loved the debutante storyline and I had a lot of fun reading about the tasks that were assigned to the debutantes. I was just completely sucked in from the beginning.

I think sometimes longer contemporaries can drag a little, but the pages of Winter White just flew right by me.

There’s a lot of relationship drama in Winter White. Some of it really made me want to shake the book in frustration, haha! But, you know, it happens and I was pleased with the ending of Winter White.

If you read Belles and enjoyed it, definitely pick up Winter White by Jen Calonita. And if you haven’t read the series, I seriously recommend picking up Belles! This is such a fun and engaging series and I can’t wait to read more!
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