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An amazing follow-up to Embrace, action packed, and full of love and hope!
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And Violet Eden's story just keeps getting better and better!...

In the first book to the Violet Eden Chapters, Embrace, we meet Violet and watch her learn about her destiny and struggle in her decision to whether or not embrace her angel powers. Will she be able to accept her immortality and fate? Will she be able to do it alongside her partner, Lincoln, even if she may never be able to forgive Lincoln after he kept these life altering secrets from her. And her relationship with Phoenix, finding out who he really is and what his intentions are. A lot of her choices where not good ones, will she be able to deal with all of the consequences?

In Entice, Violet has chosen to accept her new destiny, work hard on her training, deal with trying to balance her teen real life while being a Grigori and is struggling with how to deal with her true feelings towards Lincoln too - things are different now and are highly complex to the point that things can end very badly... even so, after promising each other that there are no more secrets, Lincoln starts to pull away at a most crucial time and he is never around for Violet. Suspicions arise and things start to fall a part, fast.

Now, throw in some new and intriguing characters! A serious plot that just keeps getting better, thicker and, for lack of a better word, enticing! This book has now turned into one of my all-time favorite angel reads ever. There is so much suspense and mystery surrounding Phoenix in this book - and because of him, all angels are after the same thing. They're off on a hunt that can change the world as we know it - and if these items get into the wrong hands, the imaginings of hell is just the beginning.

Jessica Shirvington's writing and world building is so realistic
- she has created a beautiful story of love and hope, you will not be disappointed in this series.
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