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Freaking amazing!
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Wow! This book was amazing! Set in a world where only a small number of people are alive and working to survive. A virus has killed off the rest of the population and continues to kill off any babies they have. The tiny government keeps lowering the age of mandatory impregnation in the hopes that eventually a child will survive. Kira works at the hospital and is a medic. When her friend becomes pregnant, she refuses to let the baby die. her and some of her friends set off to capture a Partial, the man made beings that are said to have created the virus. She figures that since they created it and are immune, that she can figure out a cure from testing their bodies.
The group captures a Partial and Kira is allowed to experiment on it, but the Partial isn't what she expected. Soon she has humanized Samm. With the lives on the line, Kira must discover a cure in the small amount of time she has been given. With forces working against her, Kira must try her best. Can she figure out a cure and save Samm? Kira will discover that everything is different than what she has been told, including herself.
I can't wait for the next book of this series! This is def one of the greats!
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The setting and Samm.
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