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I've been waiting for this book to come out forever. So, when it finally came out today, I dragged my mom to the book store to get it (along with a few others that came out today). It wasn't even out on the floor yet; they had to go get it out of the back. It was worth the hour drive though. (It really is a tragedy the nearest Barnes and Noble is an hour away. I guess it's for the better seeing as I would just spend even more there.)

Plot: I loved the plot of this book; it's really original and stands out from a lot of the new contemporary YA. I guess it is pretty typical to be keeping a secret for a friend, but I absolutely loved the twist that Carey's MIA. I was a little confused about the secret and what he asked her to do at first, but once she comes out with it to the reader, it's easier to follow.

If you guys read my review of What I Didn't Say, you know that one of my best friends plans on joining the army, so I instantly connect with any book that has a character planning on enlisting. I loved that it was a military town. It's not a very common topic among today's YAs.

I saw the plot line with here mom coming from a mile away. I mean, no literary parent just walks out on their kid, then never returns during the story line, right guys? I didn't really care for this part of the book, and I was mentally maiming Quinn for how this one ends.

The story line with her dad is pretty cool, though. It's sweet, but again, I saw it coming.

Seeing that coming, didn't really take away from the book any, though.

Characters: Sophie Quinn. Her whole name situation is a little confusing at first, being introduced in the blurb as Quinn and all, but once it's explained, you get to focus on how great of a character she really is. She's spent all of her senior year being tormented for something she didn't do, or rather what it looks like she did. They don't know the truth, no one but Quinn does. I give her props for taking all the crap for Carey.

Carey was an interesting character all in himself. Whereas I thought we would have to guess what the secret was, Quinn comes out and tells us frankly. I spent most of the book not understanding why Quinn was lying for him after what he did to her. But, slowly as the flashbacks got deeper, I began to sympathize for Carey.

George. I loved him, okay? He'd sass Quinn and Quinn would sass him right back. I love that there was an old character without it being with just an awkward distant grandmother. George and Quinn honestly got along. The photography was a nice quirk the two of them shared.

Blake I felt sorry for from the beginning. He spends most of the book not understanding what Quinn's doing to him, and thinks she's just messing with him. I think they're so sweet together despite that one rocky night. I'm not going to comment any more on their relationship because I don't want to spoil it for any one.

Her mother. This part reminded me a bit of Between: how Liz's dad's cheating with Josie's mom was a metaphor for what was going on in her love life. It's pretty much the same thing with her mother leaving her father for his brother. Quinn "cheated" on Carey with Blake, his best friend (a.k.a. Brother).

Her dad. I honestly had a soft spot for her dad the whole book. I knew that deep down he still loved his daughter, but he just wasn't showing it. I really did love his part of the story because it wasn't rushed. It took it's time like rebuilding a relationship should be like.

I could kind of understand where Jaime was coming from since Carey had saved her, and let's be honest, which of us doesn't want a hunky hero? But because she's the closest thing this book has to an antagonist, I didn't like her. Her character depth is great. She doesn't just want Carey because he's Carey; they have a past. She's was sort of like the stereotypical ex-girlfriend, except she wasn't stereotypical and she isn't an ex-girlfriend.

If there's one character I hated in this book, it's Angel. She just dropped Quinn for Jaime (whom they hated). She was a little stereotypical.

Cover: Let's be honest here. It's not amazing. The white border looks even more awkward in person. There were so many ways to go with the cover, it being a military themed book, but I think this picture is a little awkward. There we go, that's what this cover is. Awkward.

Overall: I loved this book; I really did. This book can get pretty emotional at times. I was close to tears at one or two points. I highly recommend reading.
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