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"There is love, which means there is always hope." (Yes. This.)

Holy Half-bloods, I didn't think it was possible to love Aiden St. Delphi any more than I did but OH.MY.AIDEN! I have been anxiously awaiting this novella for several reasons, the most obvious being, this is Aiden's POV. (Duh!) AIDEN! *shakes you to make sure you're paying attention* the uber hot Sentinel whose always so guarded (no pun intended) with his feelings and having the chance to get inside his head and heart is better than winning the lottery!

Let me back up a second and say, if you haven't read DEITY yet, DO NOT READ this until you do! Why? Because it picks up right where DEITY leaves off and you will have missed out on all the important things! (You may also want to STOP reading this review.)

Elixir is the perfect addition to The Covenant Series and not just because it's Aiden's POV. (If you can't tell, I'm Team Aiden) It has all of the elements I love so much like humor, romance and action, although the action in this novella is more the battle Aiden wages with himself. He feels responsible for what's happening to Alex yet helpless to fix it but a little comic relief is never far away, especially when his brother Deacon is around.

"I know." Deacon grinned. "I'm just awesome."

"And modest." ~ Aiden

Surrounded by others who are concerned for Alex as well as the fate of the human race, Aiden seems to be the only one determined not to give up on her or give in to the fear. His struggle to do what's best for Alex, despite her new split personality, is both endearing and heart-wrenching. *clutches chest* But he is determined to protect her no matter the cost and he doesn't shy away from encouraging her to fight because he knows what Alex is made of, what she can do. He wants to help her overcome this change that is threatening to rob her of who she is even if it means risking his own life to do it.

Time is running out and a war is brewing but you know what, if war is what the gods want, then I say, "BRING IT ON!" *hides behind Aiden*
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Aiden. LOTS of Aiden!
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