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Young Adult Fiction 2083
Looking Up to the Sky
(Updated: December 04, 2013)
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Do you ever have moments where you think, “What is it that’s really gonna take us humans out?” I sure do, and maybe that makes me a paranoid freak, but so far the list includes: outrageously contagious diseases, meteoroids, asteroids, comets (I realize those are all the same, but you gotta include them all), nuclear war, Tyra Banks, earthquakes, super hurricanes, and global warming. Thanks to Nick James’s "Skyship Academy: The Pearl Wars" that list now includes rebel factions of Americans living in the sky.

"Skyship Academy" centers on a future America where Americans are now split between biodome city living ground dwellers and sky loving citizens who live in massive cities in the clouds. Now it’s the latter there who could do some serious damage. Imagine if your worst enemy was just constantly floating above you. You could never reach them, and if they ever wanted to do some serious damage, all they would have to do is let go of whatever massive death weapon they had waiting in the wings. Then blamo, you’re dead.

It’s thanks to James’s splendid writing that I know have a new paranoia to add to my list of potential world threats. Pair that with a couple of characters who have mysterious powers plus unknown origins and whamo, you’ve got the perfect combination for a great sci-fi book. The only worry I have now is that I’m constantly looking skyward for that nasty villain in the perfect position to enact world annihilation.
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A great new spin on dystopian America.
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